Approaching retirement

The phase of life we call retirement does not just have to mean one thing.

For some, retirement is a chance to travel the world and tick items off the bucket list. For others, it’s a chance to spend more time with loved ones and enjoy a slower pace of life. Others still see it as the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill or even launch a new business venture.

Whatever your dreams for your retirement, it’s vitally important you have a plan if it’s to be the fulfilling, secure and comfortable stage of life you no doubt want it to be.

Key to retirement security is knowing just what you can afford and that your dreams for your future are supported by a robust financial plan.

How we can help

Identify the type of retirement you would like to lead

Would you like to stop work altogether, or take a phased retirement? Does the thought of finishing work fill you with excitement or dread? What would you like to achieve in the next stage of your life? We’ll help you identify what you want from the years ahead and ensure you feel prepared for the transition.

Feel emotionally and financially ready for retirement

Retirement is a major life transition. Feeling that you’re retiring ‘to’ and not just ‘from’ something can be crucial in ensuring that transition is smooth and enjoyable. We’ll help you visualise the kind of future you want for yourself and then help you build a plan to achieve it, ensuring you’re not just financially, but emotionally prepared too.

Understand whether you have enough to retire when you would like

Whether retirement can’t come soon enough, or you’d like to keep working as long as possible, knowing when you can afford to retire allows you to make the decisions that are right for you. And with the Pension Freedom Act opening up even greater choice to those over 55, gaining expert advice has become more important than ever.

Give you clarity on your pension and retirement income options

When it comes to a retirement income, your choices are many and complex. We’ll make sure you understand all your options, without bamboozling you with jargon, and together explore the ones that are right for you. We’ll help you implement any changes that are needed and stay responsive to your needs as time goes on.

Understand how much money you are going to need to live the retirement lifestyle you desire

Once you have a clear picture in your head of how you’d like to spend your retirement, we’ll help you figure out how much money you’re going to need and whether your retirement funds currently support those plans. If they don’t, we’ll help you understand your options for reaching those goals.

Please note, the value of an investment and the income from it could go down as well as up. The return at the end of the investment period is not guaranteed and you may get back less than you originally invested.

Meet our clients

We asked our pre-retirement clients what their three biggest financial concerns were. This is what they told us.

were worried about not having enough money in retirement to live their desired lifestyle.
were worried about not having enough money to retire at their preferred age.
were worried about getting a good return on their investments.
of our clients believe that working with us has helped / will help them to achieve their financial goals.

Why choose us?

We fervently believe that financial planning can transform lives and bestow benefits that go beyond just financial gains.

Our work improves our clients’ emotional wellbeing, helps people feel more confident about their money and their future, and delivers a sense of contentment as goals are achieved and aspirations become reality.

“23% of clients surveyed rely on their adviser for a more holistic approach to their finances. These clients tend to be the most satisfied with the advice they receive.”

“23% of clients surveyed rely on their adviser for a more holistic approach to their finances. These clients tend to be the most satisfied with the advice they receive.”

Report by Royal London, September 2020: ‘Feeling the benefit of financial advice How professional support helps to improve emotional wellbeing’