Ken Fleary

"BPI is the company I needed."

My name is Ken Fleary. I’ve worked with BPI for what is going to be coming up to 10 years now.

As a young person, you spend money, and you don’t think too much about the future. But once I got into my 40s, I started realising that, if you don’t start really getting financial things in place in a strategic way, then you’ll find yourself spending too much money and not thinking about the future.

BPI really sat me down. And initially it was about a pension, and then pension turns into properties. And the whole of that really helped me start realising that  this is a company that I needed. For me, it’s comforting having someone that understands your business, understands you and also understands your end game to give you the kind of advice that makes sure that you’re making the right decisions.

BPI as a company I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues. They’re a great business and they’re great to work with.