The client journey

Understand how our five-step financial planning process can help you reach your goals, and what you can expect from us at each stage of the journey.


Initial meeting

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service based on a thorough and detailed understanding of your financial hopes, needs, aspirations and objectives. We’ve found that the best way to start that process is with an initial meeting, where we will get to know you, explore your goals and your current financial picture. We’ll gain a deep understanding of where you are now and where you want to be.

We also recognise that it’s important you have an opportunity to get to know us too and understand how we can help you, how we work and what that work is likely to cost you, before engaging our services. We never charge for this initial meeting as it’s as important for us as it is for you to be sure we’re the right fit.



After we’ve had a chance to get to know each other, we will go away and undertake some thorough research and analysis based on the information you’ve given us. This is where we crunch the numbers, explore your available options, put together your lifetime cashflow forecast (if appropriate) and draw some conclusions based on the data.



We’re then in a position to make our recommendations. In some cases, our recommendations may involve just a few simple alterations, or tweaks, to your existing arrangements. In other cases, we may recommend a completely new way of working. In all cases, we’ll explain in plain English what our thinking is, how the data backs our recommendation, and just how you can expect to benefit from the change – whether that be by saving money, increasing your chances of reaching your goals, or reaching them quicker. We will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like to make an informed decision.



We know that sorting out your finances can be in equal parts, boring, complicated, stressful and time-consuming – and that you most likely have things you’d rather be doing instead. So, when you’ve determined which of our recommendations you would like to move forward with, we’re happy to implement the necessary changes on your behalf. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way and our secure online client portals means it’s simple and safe to transfer and receive your important paperwork from us.


Ongoing advice

Our ongoing advice and support services make up the bulk of our work with clients and it is here we build long-lasting, trusted and valued relationships with our clients. As your life inevitably moves on, you may need to adjust your financial plan to keep pace with changes to your needs and goals.

We’ll see you once a year – or more frequently if you require it – to catch up, hear your news and report on the progress we’re making towards your long-term goals. Our role is to remain vigilant to changes in the market and the world, and responsive to changes in your life. We want to be by your side for the duration, helping you to stay on track, enjoying confidence and security as you make your way through life.