Rick Marsland

"I find working with BPI very comforting."

My name is Rick Marsland. I’ve been a client of BPI for more than 20 years since the late 90s.

Before I had a financial adviser, all my investments were on different bits of paper scattered around the house or different banks or I don’t know where they were. And now they’re all in one place; they’re consolidated. I know where to go to, I can get a report on everything that I’ve got. So I know where it all is, and I know how it’s performing.

For me, there are two things that really stand out in working with BPI: The first is the people. They’re always there to help, they’re approachable. Peter’s great, but so is everyone else. And secondly, it’s having everything in one place. So, I know who’s looking after my investments, my money, where everything is, one person to contact about it. And if the worst were to happen, then my relatives, my wife, know where everything is, and there’s one person to speak to. So, I find that very comforting.

Peter’s approach is very interesting because he has a very light touch, very chatty, very witty when you’re speaking to him about your affairs, but all the time he’s digging down into what you want, what your aspirations are, where you want to head, and what your goals are for your life. And so, in a way you don’t realise it’s happening because having conversation with him is such a pleasant experience that you suddenly realise you’ve been pumped for information that’s going to do you good in the long term, because Peter can then give you advice based on it.

Three words to describe Peter and BPI… personable, smart and understanding. I would recommend BPI to other people, partly because of the experience of working with them has been so good over the years and having them look after my affairs and partly because they’re just great people to deal with.