Selina Porter

"Working with Peter has helped me put my retirement plans on track."

I’m Selina Porter, and I’ve been a client with BPI for approximately 10 years. I started off doing financial management of my mum’s accounts and then moved on to mine as well.

Working with Peter has helped me put our retirement plans on track. I don’t have any background in financial markets, stocks or shares, bonds or anything. So, having somebody who has the knowledge and can guide me through all that in very plain English, has been really helpful.

I was working with a different financial adviser, with a different company in the past, but I found that advice, too technical. It wasn’t done in plain English and so I couldn’t really understand what was going on. Whereas I don’t have that problem with Peter and with BPI.

I think financial management is quite low down my list of priorities and on a sort of weekly, monthly basis, I probably wouldn’t get round to it if it wasn’t for Peter. Having Peter around to ask advice from and just check things with just makes me feel quite reassured that we are on track for being able to afford a decent retirement.

The best thing about working with Peter is knowing that both my mum’s financial future is secure and also my financial future is secure, and that somebody is monitoring it and just making sure it’s kept on track.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Peter and his team to other people. I’m trying to get my husband to change over at the moment.