Tony Glyn-Jones

"We felt safer with BPI than we would have if we'd done this ourselves."

My name is Tony Glyn-Jones. And I’ve worked with BPI for just over eight years now.

The best thing about working with BPI, as far as we’re concerned, has been the fact that we felt safer than we would have done if we were doing this ourselves. So all the investments, we’ve been kept well and truly in the picture as to what’s happening, and it’s given us confidence. We’ve had advice, which has given us confidence that we are actually in the right place at the right time.

For quite some time now, it just been Mandy and Dakyna who’ve been looking after our affairs for us, and that has gone extremely well. We’ve found they’re very punctual, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. So, we are very happy with the way things have proceeded. And we’ll continue to do so.

The three words which I would use to describe Peter is the fact, first of all, he’s very friendly and, with his staff, actually the same situation. We found them very, very friendly and very useful. And work that has to be done is done quickly and efficiently.